The research conduced with Phytom Biotic on the
microbiome model of rumen of high production milk
cow results to reduce proportion of cellulolytic
bacteria which mark low use of feed energy. The
proportion of bacteria which use VFA and lactic acid is
also reduce what constitutes a threat of acidosis
The use of Phytom Biotic with Thymol,
Cinnamicaldehyde and Carvacrol hightly decreases
proportion of pathogenic species of Clostridia,
regulates content of Bifidobacterium.
Phytom Biotic innovation consists of including effective
plants extracts inside original carrier that enables a
prolongated action in the gut.
Considering the scale of the problem of substitution of
antibiotics in animal feed, Phytom Biotic effectivly response
to this challenge, taking into account the current knowledge
in this scientific area.
Phytom Biotic