Phytogenic have been shown to be a successful alternative to the prophylactic usage of antibiotics against pig’s microbial infection. Phytogenic increase the healthy and productivity of pigs, immunity; increase stress resistance to technological and thermal stresses.
Antimicrobial feed additives benefit production by increasing profitability, reducing animal wastes into the environment, and diminishing pathogen carriage. Phytogenic is important for improving the farrowing rate and growth of progeny, meat production.
Phytogenic positively influenced daily feed intake, daily weight gains, and feed utilization in growing pigs, sows, as an alternative to antibacterial and reproductive performance promoters.
Phytogenic contain active substances of plants to examine their effect in feed sow’s for reduce mortality and culling, and improve subsequent production parameters.
Phytogenic containing the essential oils have the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune system and appetite enhancing ability would increase the pig’s feed intake, reduce mortality and culling, and improve subsequent production parameters...