Common nettle (Urtica). Common nettle leaves are used as a medicine. They are collected and dried when nettle flowers and should be protected from direct sunlight.

Common nettle leaves contain tannin agents, proteins, minerals, vitamins C, K, B2, pantothenic and folic acid, provitamin A.

At the early spring common nettle contains two times more vitamin C as oranges and lemons, and the same amount of provitamin A as carrots.

Common nettle is used for stimulating appetite; it has hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effects, boosts the metabolism, tones the intestines, cardiovascular system and respiration center, and decreases the blood glucose level.Common nettle is as efficient in hemoglobin level and red blood cell count increase as iron preparations. Common nettle also helps to stimulate lactation.

Common nettle is used to prevent and treat vitamin deficiencies of different kind, gastrointestinal bleedings, anemia, kidney and bladder inflammation, liver, gall and gastrointestinal diseases, skin problems and irritations, mastitis - inflammation of the mammary gland...